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     In higly corrosive industrial sites and areas of high salt and chemical contamina-tion, any paint coatings on roofing and cladding such as aluminium and steel may not perform as expected. To address these concerns, we manufacture a unique solid-coloured heavy duty roofing and cladding material utilising advance FRP technology to formulate a corrosive resistant cladding system for use as an innovative replacement for traditional materials. This is our Topglass GC Topclad.
Made by order
Top Film
Topglass® weather surface polyester coating incorporates UV inhibitors 30 micron
EXO-SET® 205 Plus
2800g/m2 (1.9mm), 3660g/m2 (2.5mm)
Chemical Resistance Table
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* GLOSSARY OF TERMS: R = Recommended. NR = Not Recommended
• The surface coating substrate used manufacture of Topglass GC Topclad have been designed specificially to
   withstand most corrosive atmospheres.
• Has no known reation with any costruction material and unaffacted by solvents including hydrocarbons and has
   ability in resisting to ost acids and alkalis.
• Advance technology associated with the Alsynite NZ Gel-coat manufacturing process allows different solid
   colour pigmentation to be applied to each side of the sheet , particularly important where the underside
   of the sheet is not covered by a membrance.
• Available to match a wide range of roof profiles including flast sheet.
• Lightweight cladding for easy handling annd installation.
• Reduces solar heat tranmission.
• Fertilizers buildings
• Power Plants
• Petroleum and Chemical Plants
• Galvanizing Plants
• Acid Plants and Smelters
• Effluent tank cladding;
• Extreme marine environments;
• Buildings in geothermal areas;
Water Penetration Non Fibre Show
30 25


     I-Cons Asia Co., Ltd. takes particular pride its JAS-ANZ Certification under the Benchmark Certification scheme. Recognised in over 90 countriew and providing security in every respect to customers, JAS-ANZ certification not only guarantees accurate systems process, and unlike other Quality Standard schemes,
JAS-ANZ Certification also has the added advantage of ensuring our customers always receive consistent and monitored quality product, legally certified to AS/NZS 4256. Patrs 1 and 3.

     Being a manufacturer in the Kingdom of Thailand, I-Ccons Asia Co., Ltd. is also a certified manufacturer of FRP by the Thailand industrial Standard certification body obtaining the TIS 612-2549(2006) for Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester Sheets. Like the JAS-ANZ certification this also unsures that all products have traceabillity all the way from each raw material through each step of process to finished goods.